Eve Brandstein's Poetry in Motion

A Hollywood Literary Salon


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Poetry in Motion presents a show dedicated to Bad Boys and the Women Who Live Through Them.


Theida Salazar

Susan Hayden

Rick Overton

Kelly Carlin

Judd Nelson

Rick Shapiro

Jen Lynch

S.A. Griffin

Carrie White

Jason Luckett

and special guests

Get Tickets at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/eve-brandsteins-presents-bad-boys-and-the-women-who-live-through-them-tickets-9721311705

Poetry in Motion often sells out and this time we’re scheduled for 8pm on a Saturday night. By buying a ticket rather than showing up at the door without one you’ll not only save $5, you’ll be sure of a good seat in the theater which may be standing room only.

Its best to arrive a bit early because we do tend to start on time. You’ll find parking easy in the lots and streets behind and around Beyond Baroque.

To learn more about Poetry in Motion, and see memoralbilia from past events and information on future events go to www.evebrandsteinpoetryinmotion.com

If you have questions about the event, or encounter any difficulty sending us payment, please email Poetry in Motion Associate Producer Nancy Fulton at nancy@artistsatwork.tv.


EVE BRANDSTEIN’S POETRY IN MOTION has a 25 year history of bringing leading actors, writers and poets together to create exceptional spoken word events. In addition to producing the series since 1988, Eve Brandstein is a published poet and has been a major studio and network executive as well as a tv producer, a film and theater director, writer/creator, and casting director.  She has recently been directing NY theater productions including for this Fall season – Shut Up, Sit Down and Eat at the Players Theater, which is extended through March and has recently been nominated by the Off-Braodway Alliance Most Unique Theatrical Experience and to an enormously successful production of Saffron and Rosewater at the 92nd St. Y.  This January she will be directing another premiere for Jewish Women’s Theater in Los Angeles and later in 2014 “Voices” in New York.  Eve is also an artist, psychotherapist and teacher.  Poetry in Motion is also now bi-coastal with seasonal events in NY at the Cutting Room.  Evebrandsteinproductions.com and evebrandsteinpoetryinmotion.com
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Kelly Carlin is writing her memoir, based on her solo show, “A Carlin Home Companion,” for St. Martin’s Press due in the Fall of 2015.  She hosts hr podcast, “Waking from the American Dream” at smodcast.com where she converses with authors, visionaries and artists about the comedy and tragedy of life.
Judd Nelson, perhaps best known for his work in “The Breakfast Club”, “Suddenly Susan”, “The Billionaire Boys Club,” and recently seen in this season’s Nikita, lives and writes in Los Angeles. You can find some of his recent writing on Amazon.com.
Susan Hayden’s plays have been produced at The Met, Ruskin Theatre’s Cafe Plays, EST’s WinterFest, South Coast Rep’s Nexus Project, Mark Taper Forum’s Other Voices, Padua Playwrights + most recently, at The Lost Studio. Her fiction has been published in Storie: All Write, The Black Body + on Jewish. com. Her novel “Cat Stevens Saved My Life” was a Top 100 Finalist (out of 5000 submissions) in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award w/Penguin Press. Poetry has appeared in Hollywood Review, Sparring w/Beatnik Poets, Arete, Atlanta Journal et al. She is the Creator/Producer of the mixed-genre lit series, Library Girl, which takes place the 2nd Sunday of every month at the Ruskin Group Theatre. At present, she is at work on a multi-media theatre piece (in collaboration w/Paul Linke) about the sudden loss of her longtime husband + creative partner and her journey towards healing. She lives in Santa Monica with her teenaged balladeer son, Mason Summit.
Jason Luckett Joyfully obliterates his own comfort level through writing, singing, and performing. Jason’s mission is to break barriers with compassionate honesty.  His latest album is The Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again).  He’s performed music and read his work in venues worldwide. His festival and series appearances include ALOUD at the LA Library, the Glastonbury Festival (UK), Austin’s South by Southwest, and Sit ‘n’ Spin at the Comedy Central Stage. Jason has released six full-length albums, several EPs and contributed to literary anthologies, “The Black Body” and “Voices from Leimert Park” among others. The son of interracial psychotherapists, he grew up in Orange County, lives in Los Angeles, loves Brazilian music and travels a lot!   Visit him online: jasonluckett.com
Jen Lynch
Jen Lynch – Born into art and film in 1968 to filmmaker, David Lynch and artist, Peggy Reavey,
She penned the screenplay for BOXING HELENA at age 19 and directed the feature at 23. Her novel, THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER stood on the New York Times Bestseller List for 14 weeks, and has been translated into 20 languages She has directed episodic television, commercials, music videos and produced the surrealist and experimental guerrilla films of Burke Roberts and Jim Robbins.  Feature films CHAINED and SURVEILLANCE which took Best Director and Best Actress at the New York Horror Festival, won BEST PICTURE and Best Director at Sitges, Spain.
Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with Artist, writer, Jim Robbins and daughter Sydney Lynch.
Rick Overton is a writer in-no-small-part thanks to Eve Brandstein, who introduced him to Poetry In  Motion in the late 1980′s. That led to the confidence to get an Emmy for his writing on the DENNIS MILLER LIVE HBO series in 1996. He’s appeared in over 100 movies and a long list of TV shows. In standup, he’s been defending the 99% since we were the 72%
Rick Shapiro - Actor, comedian, author and poet.  Rick covers the entertainment spectrum. Shapiro is most commonly referenced to as Jerry from HBO’s Lucky Louie. However, Shapiro, a 25-year comedy stage veteran and master of long-form and Improv can be seen on multiple television channels: HBO, FX, CBS and Showtime. Most recently Shapiro shot an episode of IFC’S MARONand has been acting in commercials. And just a few weeks ago, Rick returned from his trip to NYC, where he performed a one-man show based on his book, UNFILTERED. In 2012 Shapiro played the role of ‘T-Rick’ in Warner Bros. comedy Project X. Today, Shapiro can be found in Los Angeles working on multiple projects.
Carrie White, author of  Upper Cut, Highlights of my Hollywood Life, published by Simon and Schuster/Atria Books.  Upper Cut debuted at #8 on the Los Angeles Times Best Seller list and is now an International Best Seller . Carrie is also a published poet, Huffington Post Blog contributor and keynote speaker for large and small audiences inspiring many subjects from Hairdressing, Recovery to Social Media. All subjects have one common bond; Never Give up by Taking Action. Carrie White was born in Southern California. With a hairdressing career that has spanned more than forty-five years, she’s styled everyone from Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret to Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Allure, Vanity Fair, Ladies’ Home Journal, Mademoiselle, and Glamour. The mother of five, Carrie today owns and operates Carrie White Hair in Beverly Hills. – thecarriewhite.com .Twitter: @carriewhitehair
Theida Salazar is an Atlanta native and graduate of Abraham Lincoln School of Law and recently passed the California Bar. Salazar’s focus is international and criminal law, as well as entertainment. Salazar held a seat on SAG’s National Legislative committee up until merger and recently served as SAG-AFTRA’s AFL-CIO delegate. Salazar served in the U.S Navy and acted as well as displayed his weapons skills in film and television productions such as Numbers, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Next, and others.Salazar is currently the lion in the Hip-Hop Wizard of Oz stage play and a solo hip-hop and spoken word artist and has performed his music in the Netherlands, Belgium, Berlin, Argentina, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Rome, Israel and many others. His music and music videos are FREE in the I-Phone App Market and Android’s Google Play Store by entering his name. Salazar’s Music Group Conscious Level will be releasing their debut album January 21st entitled “Expand your mind”.
S.A. Griffin lives, loves and works in Los Angeles. He drives too fast, sleeps too little and thinks too much. His heart is a wheel that brakes for cubist impulse. S.A. is the co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Cadillac wrangling Carma Bum progenitor, working actor for 35 years and practicing slacker. In 2010, he created The Poetry Bomb; a former Vietnam era practice bomb converted into an art object and then filled with almost 900 poems from around the world in an effort to create civil disagreements culminating in The Poetry Bomb Couch Surfing Across America Tour of Words 2010 between April-June of that year. A member of the curatorial staff at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, California, in 2011 he was the first recipient of Beyond Baroque’s Distinguished Service Award.

Since 1988 Eve Brandstein’s Poetry in Motion has been bringing leading actors, writers, directors, producers and musicians together in one of L.A.s longest running literary salons. Tickets are $15 if you order online and $20 at the door.

EVE BRANDSTEIN has a 25 year history of bringing leading actors, writers and poets together to create exceptional spoken word events.

In addition to producing the Poetry in Motion series since 1988, Eve Brandstein is a published poet and has been a major studio and network executive as well as a tv producer, a film and theater director, writer/creator, and casting director.

She has recently been directing NY theater productions including,for this Fall season “Shut Up, Sit Down and Eat” at the Players Theater and “Saffron and Rosewater” at the 92nd St. Y.

Eve is also an artist, psychotherapist and teacher. This is the start of the 4th season at Beyond Baroque. Poetry in Motion is also now bi-coastal with season events in NY at the Cutting Room.

Visit evebrandsteinpoetryinmotion.com for more information.