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Buy the Hollywood ReviewThe Hollywood Review was originally published in 1991 by writer/director/producer Eve Brandstein and esteemed poet/actor Michael Lally.

It was an attempt to capture the daring, humorous, adventurous and sometimes dangerous voices of the many writers and performers who graced Poetry In Motion’s weekly readings in Hollywood which first began in 1988.

In this volume you’ll find original work by: Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Chambers Lynch, Anne Beatts, Alley Sheedy, Eve Brandstein, Macdonald Carey, Dennis Christopher, Wanda Coleman, Meri Nana-Ama Danquah, Yvonne De La Vega, Jack Grapes, S.A. Griffin, M.K. Harris, Susan Hayden, Bruce Isaacson, Terry Kirkman, Michael Lally, Joel Lipman,  Lewis MacAdams, Lynn Manning, Walter A. Martinez, Michael O’Keefe, Lisa Rafel, Annie Reiner, Katey Sagal, Hubert Selby Jr.,  Jack Skelley, Harry Dean Stanton, Austin Straus, Tommy Swerdlow, Lotus Weinstock, Ron Zimmerman.

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